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A luxurious treatment combining a full reflexology session with the added benefits of aromatherapy.  I will blend two or three oils based on your needs for that day after a full consultation.  You can then lie back and enjoy a relaxing lower leg & foot massage, followed by a full reflexology treatment.  

AromaStones Massage


AromaStones massage is a unique experience that combines your own personal blend of aromatherapy oils with warm basalt stones of varying sizes. These are used to provide a luxurious, deep, therapeutic massage creating a healing sensation of comfort and warmth on the areas of your body where you need it most




Tranquility Scalp Massage


A wonderfully relaxing treatment concentrating on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders using a unique blend of aromatherapy oils.  A combination of Ayurvedic massage techniques is used which helps both mind and body unwind whilst stimulating circulation throughout the system


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